Odoo to Power BI Direct Connector

Integrate Odoo data with Microsoft Power BI

odoo looker connector


Effortlessly connect and import data from Odoo straight into Power BI Desktop for robust analytics and reporting. Avoid the necessity for API calls or intricate setups. Safe, efficient, and straightforward.

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Techfinna proudly unveils the industry's first and only Odoo to Power BI Connector, a pioneering tool for smooth data integration. This exclusive connector revolutionizes the process of linking Odoo data with Power BI, offering a simple, one-step solution for seamless access to all your Odoo tables. Just enter your generated credentials, select the tables you need, and our connector will handle the rest, ensuring precise schemas and data are delivered directly into Power BI. With Techfinna, enjoy the flexibility of manual refreshes or enhance your data management with our premium scheduled refresh option. Discover the ease and efficiency of Techfinna's connectors, setting new standards for Odoo integrations with Power BI, Looker Studio, BigQuery, and Google Sheets.

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Core Features:

Secure Token Based Connection: Experience a secure, token-based connection between Odoo and Power BI with Techfinna's connector. Effortlessly sync data while ensuring top-notch security and streamlined integration. Simple, efficient, and reliable.

Proper Schema & Data Type Handling: Techfinna's Odoo to Power BI Connector ensures proper schema and data type handling, maintaining data integrity and accuracy. Easily sync Odoo tables with Power BI, preserving correct structures and data formats.

Unlimited Power BI Service reports publishing: Enjoy unlimited Power BI Service report publishing. Effortlessly generate and share insights from your Odoo data, empowering your team with unrestricted analytics.

Easy Data Refresh*: Conveniently use manual refreshes for on-demand data updates.

Fetch Custom Tables from Odoo: Fetch custom tables from Odoo seamlessly. Select and sync any custom data table effortlessly, ensuring your unique data needs are met with precision.


🔹 Get connector url and access token from Odoo

odoo power bi connector

🔹 Click on Get Data --> Search "Odoo" --> Select Odoo Connector by Techfinna

Odoo Power BI Connection step one

🔹 Paste Token & URL

Odoo Power BI Connection step two

🔹 Select Tables to Import

Odoo Power BI Connection step three

🔹 Voila! You're Connected with Microsoft Power BI

Odoo Power BI Connection step four

Create Unlimited Dashboards

With Techfinna's Odoo to Power BI Connector, create an unlimited number of dashboards. Transform your Odoo data into dynamic visuals, providing comprehensive insights and enhancing your decision-making capabilities.

Your Ideas, Supercharged by TechFinna

Have a feature in mind that could enhance your Odoo to Looker Studio experience? We're all ears!

At TechFinna, we're committed to evolving alongside your business needs. Drop us a line at info@techfinna.com with your suggestions, and let's collaborate to bring your vision to life in our next update.

Supported Odoo versions:

12.0 13.0 14.0 15.0 16.0 17.0

Works well on Odoo Sh and on-premises server

Community + Enterprise

Experience Odoo to Looker data connection

🔹 Navigate to the data sources in Looker Studio "https://lookerstudio.google.com/datasources". Search and select the 'Odoo Connector by TechFinna'.

lookers connector

🔹 Paste connector url and access token.

Connector url


Access token


🔹 You are all set.



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