Odoo to Looker Studio Connector – First of Its Kind

Odoo Connector Module to Fluid Connection with Google Looker Studio

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The Odoo Looker Connector complies with the Google API Services User Data Policy including its Limited Use requirements, ensuring the secure handling of user data.

Looker Studio data sources

Techfinna proudly presents the market's first and only Odoo to Looker Studio Connector, a groundbreaking tool for streamlined data integration. This unique connector simplifies the process of syncing Odoo data with Looker Studio, offering a one-step solution for effortless access to all your Odoo tables. Just input your generated credentials, select the desired tables, and let our connector do the rest, bringing accurate schemas and data directly into Looker. With Techfinna, experience the ease of manual refreshes or elevate your data strategy with our premium scheduled refresh option. Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of Techfinna's connectors, leading the way in Odoo integrations with Looker, BigQuery, and Google Sheets

Additional Feature Update !

➢  Custom SQL Query Execution

➢  View Selective Data

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Core Features:

First-of-its-Kind Integration: Techfinna's Odoo to Looker Studio Connector stands as the market's premier solution, pioneering direct data integration from Odoo to Looker Studio.

One-Step Easy Setup: Our connector offers a hassle-free setup process, requiring only your Odoo-generated credentials to instantly sync with Looker Studio.

Comprehensive Table Access: Gain full access to all your Odoo tables within Looker Studio, enabling a complete overview of your data for in-depth analysis.

Manual and Scheduled Data Refresh*: Conveniently use manual refreshes for on-demand data updates. The scheduled refresh feature for automatic, timely data synchronization is available as premium feature.

Automatic Schema Mapping with Customization: The connector automatically retrieves and maps Odoo table schemas in their native data types, eliminating manual schema definitions and offering a ready-to-go, customizable, and tweakable solution for immediate data analysis.

Premium Feature: Execute Custom SQL Query and display your data on Google Looker Studio for comprehensive and selective table selection and analysis.
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How to connect Odoo to Looker Studio

Easy 5 steps to connect Odoo data to Looker studio for next gen analytics

🔹 Select the Odoo Connector by TechFinna

Begin by navigating to the data sources in Looker Studio "https://lookerstudio.google.com/datasources" and selecting the 'Odoo Connector by TechFinna'. This is your gateway to integrating Odoo's comprehensive data into Looker Studio's powerful visualization tools.

odoo looker connector module

🔹 Enter Credentials from Odoo

Ensure you have installed the module from "https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/17.0/looker_connector".
On the connector setup screen, you’ll be prompted to enter the Connector URL and Token provided by Looker Connector Module installed on Odoo. These credentials are key to establishing a secure connection between Odoo and Looker Studio.

odoo looker connection step one

🔹 Select Your Odoo Table

Once connected, you’ll see a dropdown list of all Odoo tables. Select the table you wish to analyze. This flexibility allows you to tailor the data integration to your specific reporting needs.

odoo looker connection step two

🔹 Verify Table Schema

The connector will automatically load the schema of the chosen table, converting Odoo's data types into Looker Studio-friendly formats. Review and tweak if necessary to match your reporting requirements.

odoo looker connection step three

🔹 Explore and Create Reports

With the schema set, click "Explore" or "Create Report" to start crafting your reports. You can now manipulate the data, refresh it as needed, and build custom reports, just like the 'Variant Sales Trends' example.

odoo looker connection step four

Your Ideas, Supercharged by TechFinna

Have a feature in mind that could enhance your Odoo to Looker Studio experience? We're all ears!

At TechFinna, we're committed to evolving alongside your business needs. Drop us a line at info@techfinna.com with your suggestions, and let's collaborate to bring your vision to life in our next update.

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Supported Odoo versions:

12.0 13.0 14.0 15.0 16.0 17.0

Works well on Odoo Sh and on-premises server

Community + Enterprise

Experience Odoo to Looker data connection

🔹 Navigate to the data sources in Looker Studio "https://lookerstudio.google.com/datasources". Search and select the 'Odoo Connector by TechFinna'.

lookers connector

🔹 Paste connector url and access token.

Connector url


Access token


🔹 You are all set.



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