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Lookers Studio

Odoo - Looker studio connector

Power BI

Odoo - Microsoft Power BI connector

Google BigQuery

Odoo - Google Bigquery connector

Google Sheets

Odoo - Google Spreadsheets connector


Odoo - Discord connector

Odoo manual Reconciliation

Quickbooks like Reconciliation

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Odoo Customization & Implementation

We provide the best team for odoo module's customization and implementation

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Analytics Reports & Dashboards

Visually descriptive analytical dashboards for Odoo

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Odoo React Applications

Ever first integration of Odoo and React UI, contact us for custom modules

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Discover the power of Odoo with TechFinna. From cutting-edge analytics to intuitive UI solutions, we're committed to driving your business forward. Explore our range of services and unleash the full potential of Odoo today!

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We specialize in crafting custom Odoo modules, empowering businesses with tailored solutions. From insightful analytics dashboards to dynamic Odoo-React applications, we enhance efficiency and decision-making. Let's elevate your business with innovation and seamless integration.

Google Looker Connector + Odoo

(Verified by Looker)

Discodoo bridges the gap between Discord and Odoo, empowering you to optimize communication, automate tasks, and collaborate seamlessly. Sync your server with Odoo, receive real-time notifications, and enjoy customizable commands for enhanced productivity.

odoo discord integration discodoo with many notification and analytics features
discord connect with odoo with custom commands
odoo to discord for live notifications

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